A New Path

Each day be open to a different path

Over the last year I have been going through career changes and am at a point where I want to make a conscious choice to choose my own path. I was fortunate to have a successful career in the wireless industry but it was an industry I fell into out of college. As we move along with life we go through changes and evolve as beings. Since moving to San Diego with my husband 11 years ago we have been blessed to evolve together and our love of endurance activities and vegetarian/vegan-ism are key elements that define who we are. My goal is to find a new path that ties into my personal passions of animals, fitness and whole food plant base living. As I explore what that might be I thought I would try out blogging to pass on or “pay it forward” on the experiences and knowledge I have that might benefit others on experiencing life through conscious living. I hope anyone that stumbles upon this site might find little nuggets of knowledge that might help them find a little more light in life.


6 thoughts on “A New Path

  1. Thankfully our paths crossed 5 years ago…..can’t wait to join you as you explore a new path. When needed…….friends lead friends down a new path…..when needed…friends walk side by side down a new path…..when needed….friends follow behind to just be there in support. Always here for you my friend.

  2. Hi Heidi, I am so happy for you that you have decided to start down a new path. I did the same a couple of years ago after finding that corporate life had nothing more to offer, and an urge to start my own business and be in control of my own life, schedule, and follow my interests. The things I work on now don’t feel like work, which is a major milestone.

    Folks like us need to stick together because it’s not easy to leave the financial security of working for a company (if there is any these days) and try to replace that income (if that’s a goal). But it’s fun and exciting trying to get there. I’m sure many of the goals you have set in your athletic life, as well as the discipline from becoming a vegan, will serve you well as you try to achieve your goals in your new career path.

    I look forward to reading your blog as you go through your journey, and by all means, if you and Matt ever want to ride in some new terrain in Arizona, you are welcome to stay with us at our new home in Scottsdale!

  3. You are a true inspiration my friend. How exciting it will be for you to do what you love and love what you do. I’m looking forward to watching you blossom on your new journey…

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