Life is a Ride

Friday was my last day of a 3 month contract assignment so I didn’t sleep well last night as my mind must be spinning a little as I readjust to upcoming time off.  Despite being financially prepared my ingrained Midwest work ethic must be feeling a little unsure of not being employed.  Over the years it is clear to me that life is a ride but thankfully I know the best thing to do is jump on and take in the different scenery and places it may lead me which was perfect for an Alpine ride today with my hubby and friends.  My husband is training for a grueling 2-day stage event called the Everest Challenge so the planned 50 mi, 4,500 elevation gain ride was not sufficient for his training day so he heading out at 4 a.m. and rode to meet us over 80 miles later.  I wasn’t sure when he would catch up to us so he was on my mind for the first part of the ride and I was hoping his ride was going well and that he was ok.  He caught up to us at the market in Mount Laguna and I was so happy to see him.  No I wasn’t consumed with employment status; only the safety of my husband and the great time I was having riding Sunrise Hwy with a group of friends.  In the end that is what the ride of life is about!


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