Creative Juices Flow’n


Starting this blog has been a great way to get my creative juices flowing…speaking of juices check out the “Juicing” topic on the Vegan Fuel page.

I get teased from family, friends and colleagues about how on top of things I am.  I got to thinking on Friday night maybe I could apply my multitasking, attention to detail and organization skills to a mini business adventure and be a personal assistant/lifestyle manager while I continue to explore my new career path.  I know there are so many busy people out there trying to manage their jobs, domestic responsibilities and kids schedule that they don’t have time to keep up with everything.  With the holidays upon us I would love to run errands and help people balance all the projects they have on hand.  Another area I would love to dive into is helping people purify their pantries and showing them healthy alternatives to some of the items they might use.  I love talking nutrition!  All ideas for now but maybe it will lead to something so if you know anyone that could use a second set of hands, point them in my direction!


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