About 10 years ago after we moved to San Diego, my friend Ann introduced me to yoga.  I was hooked on the heated yoga but what really struck a cord with me was I was going for an inner cleansing, both mind and body, compared to my past goals of hitting the gym and burning calories.  I faithfully attended until I caught the triathlon bug and started training for my first Ironman.  It was a juggling act getting in swim, bike, run training so unfortunately yoga took a back seat.  Over the last year I made yoga a priority and am so grateful for it to be part of my routine again.  I crave sitting in that heat, clearing my mind and moving with the flow.  I was blessed with another life changing gift this year as my friend Shephali taught me about the benefits of meditation and gifted me with a personal Primordial Sound mantra.  I get migraines which are usually stress related so meditation has been a great tool for me to reduce stress I may be feeling and reduce the occurrences of migraines.  An added bonus is my cat, Rancho, loves to sit on my lap and meditate with me!

Yoga and meditation are life tools to keep me grounded and I am forever thankful just as I am joyfully overwhelmed by all the love and support from my family and friends as I explore what might be behind the next door.  I’m including a picture of the vision board I created in May.  It makes me smile each time I look at it and think about the possibilities!


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