Yesterday after yoga and running errands I decided to go to the beach and do some sea glass hunting which my dear friend Cathy introduced me to this year.  I didn’t know if the sea glass hunting conditions were ideal but the beach looked so inviting so thought I would give it a try.  The day was perfect and the tide was way out so it was a wonderful beach walking day.  As I walked along I knew it was unlikely I was going to find any sea glass but that didn’t stop me from seeing other treasures around me as well as finding treasures and memories in my heart to think back on during my stroll.  The last five years have been full of adventure and creating lasting memories.  I’ve thought many times that if today (any day) was my last day that I would leave fulfilled and at peace with the blessings I’ve had in life.  I hope each of you can look around at all the treasures in life and let them fill your heart!


One thought on “Treasures

  1. As you very well know…but I will tell you again…and again…YOU and YOUR friendship are treasures I hold dear to my heart. Simply put..the chain of events and friends that brought us together 5 years ago was JUST meant to be. The 5 photos on your blog made me really stop and reflect…..Photo #1…once in a while we all need a BIG strong wall to protect us from that which is coming straight at us until we can handle the surge….Photo #2…the ocean, land, and sky are meant to flow together with their own energy..but are strongest when viewed as one….Photo #3…a broken sand dollar is often passed by and viewed as imperfect….but as legend has it..a broken sand dollar has released 5-6 doves that are spreading goodwill and peace to those that need it…..Photo # 4…Heidi…we know that above those soft fluffy clouds two very special men are watching over their daughters with loving smiles knowing we have each other in times of happiness and in times of saddnes…..Photo # 5..a photo of two friends walking side by side down the beach on Memorial Day looking for Treasures…..the ocean and seashore takes shards of glass and over time (about 100 years) makes them into beautiful “Pure Sea Glass” and sometimes in heart shapes like the one at the top of the frame……But I know…..I don’t have to go far or wait 100 years to find a TREASURE…..I just need to look by my side and reach out my hand and find YOU!

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