Road Warrior

Last night I started a page to document all the veg places I’ve eaten during my travels for work or vacation.  I’ve used an app before to see all the places I’ve traveled but I looked at the US map again today and realized I have been to most states except for 6: Hawaii, Washington, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine.  I have done my fair share of air travel but have had the opportunity to do a lot of road trips, even for work.  I have fond memories of driving in Virginia, West Virginia and upstate New York during the fall and got to soak up all the beautiful colors of the season.  My husband and I started bike touring this year with the help of Adventure Cycling Association and the Utah Cliffs Loop route maps and I find myself wanting to explore the US and other parts of the world by bike.  We are starting to think about a bike tour in December but are limited to locations based on winter but I have no doubt I will get to those other 6 states soon enough weather by air, car or the most preferred method, bike!


6 thoughts on “Road Warrior

  1. If you have good rain gear you could easily do Washington in December! 🙂 And sometimes even the sun shines that time of year. Instead of camping, you could network through Warm Showers to find homes to stay in. And of course no trip to the PNW would be complete without a visit to the Island and us!

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