Being active is a big part of who I am.  Each day I do something to get the blood flowing,  lungs and heart working, makes me feel alive!  Part of the year I am athletically focused on a race with more intense training but other times such as now I am just doing something each day that I feel like doing, could be as simple as cleaning my house or going to yoga.  There are a lot of analogies I have heard over the years and the one I like is about the life of a river or body of water. A body of water can usually stay healthy and full of life if it is feed from another water source and the flow of water is circulating.  If the body of water becomes stagnant it usually get infested with diseases and life forms die off.  Our bodies are primarily water so it is a good comparison.  If we stay naturally hydrated and allow our body to move it is a good way to promote health within us.  I often think of my maternal grandfather that used to golf, go on walks and keep up his lake property but had a stroke that left him with partial paralysis and the inability to talk.  He spends his time in a nursing home and is reliant on a wheelchair.  Disease or accidents can happen to any of us at any time so I want to put my capabilities to the test daily while I am blessed with that option.  Tap into your vitality and get mov’n!


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