Today during a regular bike ride through Camp Pendleton we were directed to a detour due to road construction.  We have gone through, “the camp”, as us San Diegans call it, so many times that it was nice to see other areas of the base and we got treated to a new climb and descent and different ocean views.  We also encountered a big detour  during our Utah Cliffs Loop bike tour and I was a bit nervous about what might be ahead but I am glad I embraced it as we were able to experience Brian Head.  There were challenging grades but we literally pushed through and were rewarded with beautiful views along the way and at the summit.

It made me think about the detours one can face during life and how we approach them.  Through trial and error I have learned that most of the time we can’t control what is happening in life and that it is best to view changes in our  so called planned path as potential for open doors and new experiences and opportunities.  I know sometimes when we are in the thick of change that it is hard to have that perspective but it is so enlightening later down the road to see why that detour was put in our way and what the outcome was.

The next time you encounter a detour in life, I hope you can see what a possible adventure or change of scenery it can be, who knows what you might find along the alternate way!


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