My friend Shephali, gifted me The 7 Spiritual Laws of Yoga guidebook, which I enjoy reading before a meditation session and understanding the yoga law of the day.  On the 4th Monday, the Law of Giving and Receiving,  has a great point that has resonated with me and I try to apply it in my life,

“The best gift we can give is to leave others feeling a little lighter than they were before our interaction.”

Another blogger has this same goal which drew me to follow her site:  “Cast Light” is an aspiration and a daily reminder to give your best to others. Every day we choose to either “cast shadows” (gossip, complaints, cynicism) or to “cast light” (enthusiasm, encouragement, generosity). Life is made up of moments and choices. In all that you think, do and say, look for light and cast it back out.

Nature flourishes with the right amount of sunlight.  Think of the amazing things that would happen if we all cast light onto others.  Not only would we see others shine but our internal lightness would radiate even more.

I love this picture my friend Amy posted on her blog, Spread your light!


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