My sister is going to wish I had blogged about this a long time ago before her family invested in a stationary elliptical machine that might be collecting dust in their North Dakota basement.  Instead they could have an ElliptiGO that they could use outside in the spring and summers and put on a stationary trainer in the fall and winters.

My friend, Kirsty, and I had the pleasure of test riding ElliptiGOs today.  We are fortunate that the company is located in our beautiful city and have the opportunity to try them out.  We have seen them featured in magazines such as Runner’s World and witnessed people riding them in San Diego so we thought we would give them a try.  What fun!  Not only fun but a great physical challenge for us endurance athletes that might think we are already tough cookies.  We both wondered beforehand if we would need to do another activity today to get in our workouts but the ElliptiGO kicked our butts after our 11.5 mile ride on the coast.  We have great respect for those that just participated in the World Championships of Elliptical Running on Palomar Mountain!

If you have the opportunity try one out and add it into your run cross training or for overall fitness!


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