My friend, Shephali, and I were at a restaurant yesterday and a bird flew into the building.  The employees were trying to direct the bird out the doors but even though the doors were wide open the bird continued to fly to the ledge above the inside of the door.  Shephali noted how true this is in life when we are looking for doors to open and don’t even notice when they are open right in front of our eyes.

This was a similar concept my friend, Kirsty, and I were talking about earlier in the morning along the lines of the spiritual law of yoga “Law of Least Effort”.

“Allow our lives to unfold naturally – to trust in the rhythm of life that supports the most sublime evolutionary expression of nature’s creativity” – David Simon

Consider slowing down, looking around, be mindful and maybe that door you are looking for is inviting you through!

“The future is wide open” – Dalai Lama


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