One of my friend’s recently introduced me to another group savings site, Plus District, based on an offer for a vegan Conscious Box.  I thought I would give it a try to see if there were any new vegan products that I didn’t know about.  I am the worst consumer in terms of I am not much of a shopper and prefer to simplify my life instead of add more stuff to it but I thought there might be something new for me to experience in this little goodie box.

A common question I am asked is why I chose to be a vegan.  My initial reason almost six years ago was to tackle lactose intolerance and align closer to my husband’s vegetarian lifestyle.  However now it is due to the information I’ve gained on the factory food industry and being mindful and conscious about the decisions I make and how it impacts the health of animals and people, our planet and my body and soul.

Open your conscious box (AKA: mind) from time to time and be mindful of how the choices you make impact something larger than you.

Consider mindful and conscious choices


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