I recently heard someone say that they felt empty and alone due to a relationship ending.  I didn’t know her to interject into the conversation but my heart was heavy for her and I wanted to ask her if there were friends and family she could reach out to.

Over the last three weeks since I started my “fun-employment” I have felt so full as each week I am filling my time with friends and applying my energy to help others.  I am fortunate that I don’t define myself by a professional title but by who I believe I am and what I can contribute in life.

We were blessed last night to have a house full of friends, new and old, veg and non veg.  I love that feeling of community.  Our house is usually quiet since it is just my husband and I and our two cats but whenever we have company it is so fun to be surrounded by all the lively energy.  Everyone contributed to the beautiful vegan feast you can see in the pictures below.  If you are looking for meat free burger try this recipe.

Consider reaching out to your community (can mean something different to everyone) and you will feel enriched and full being surrounded by others.


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