I get hassled once in a while from my husband and friends about not taking rest days. I do admit right now I am really on a daily activity streak since I am not working as it just feels good to get out and do something each day. I also think about how past generations did so much manual daily work and I know that isn’t applying to me sitting at a desk on a computer. If I am not good at taking actual rest days from exercise I am really good at napping! I would like to say it is a family gene that was passed on from my father. He was a truck driver and when he wasn’t driving he liked to get his sleep in. I know it isn’t genetic that I like napping but I can say my whole immediate family loves to nap! Anytime someone comes to visit we keep busy but usually all get our nap time in. We don’t roll out the sleep mats or carpet squares like we did as kids but we usually go to our separate rooms and take a nap break. I’m fortunate my husband and cats love to nap too! What would a good weekend be without playing hard and napping hard! With how busy life can get I hope you have a way to rest your mind and body either through actual physical rest or through meditation.


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