Part of my role as crew chief for my husband’s 2 day bike race was to help him with his recovery between each stage day. We felt it was really important to put the time into recovery in order to be able to perform back to back days. The good news is Matt felt better the second day he raced and felt decent the day after the race was complete so our recovery techniques worked for him so thought I would share with other athletes.  Sorry no pictures to include as don’t think Matt would like you all to see him in an ice bath or sporting his compression tights!

  • Hydration (before, during and after).  We turn to water and coconut water which is super-hydrator loaded with potassium and electrolytes
  • Ice bath followed by epsom salt bath to help reduce inflammation.  The ice bath is no one’s favorite but is really effective
  • Compression tights before and after race to aid in circulation
  • Recovery drink perfect for plant based athletes: Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator
  • Tart cherry juice: Matt loves juice so he really enjoyed drinking cold tart cherry juice which is anti-inflammatory and aso has melatonin so assists with getting sleep between races or training
  • Refuel: We prepped a cabbage lentil salad and tempeh wraps for post race but also had back up options as you never know what a racer will want/need after a race.  Matt was craving starch and salt so he had Trader Joe’s Pad Thai noodles with tofu and Dr. McDougall noodle cups.
  • Sleep

We will be utilizing these techniques during our upcoming Ironman training in 2013!

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