In times of stress I am so thankful to have tools in place to help me release the feelings I have building in me.

When I need to decompress or let go I can turn to meditation or yoga and bliss out.  Swimming also can be a meditation activity for me and is usually a cure for a headache!

But in times where I am feeling upset or even angry lacing up the running shoes and hitting the road or trail or jumping on my Look 585 or Orbea Ora really lets me let off steam!  After my dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer I bought a used steel Cannondale road bike so I could ride and let off some stress during my visits to Minnesota.  The time in the saddle helped me get some fresh air and process what was happening to my dad.

And then in times of needing an escape and break from reality my husband and I pack up our Surly Long Haul Truckers and hit the road to explore the unknown and camp under the stars.

Thankfully right now I can say I have minimal stress even during a career change but am still thankful I have all these healthful activities I can turn to and do what I love doing in times of stress or not!


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