Today I was planning on making a wild rice dish and baked tempeh as a trial run for what I plan on making while we are in North Dakota for Thanksgiving.  The wild rice recipe is courtesy of my mother-in-law and I have learned how to veganise the ingredients.  It is a great dish that both veggies and meat eaters would enjoy.

Coincidentally it is also Canadian Thanksgiving today so I thought our planned meal was  fitting for the occasion so invited our dear Canadian friends over to share in the feast.  Kirsty is a fellow vegan and she had already whipped up a delicious butternut squash apple soup in her Vitamix and brought it to share.  What Thanksgiving would be complete without pumpkin so I made vegan gluten free pumpkin chocolate chips cookies to cap off the meal.

My husband and I are so thankful for all the wonderful friends we have met since moving to California 11 years ago.  We miss our family that live else where (ID, AK, ND, CO) but it sure makes California easy to call home when your friends are family too.


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