My husband and I chose not to pay for cable over 12 years ago. This is usually an interesting topic of conversation with some folks as they can’t imagine not having “TV”. Don’t get us wrong, we may not pay for cable TV but before the days of Netflix (isn’t instant streaming the best?!) we were frequent customers at Blockbuster.

My husband likes to read reviews for shows and research them so he has done a great job managing our Netflix queue over the years. If you would have asked him years ago if he thought I would be interested in zombie or vampire shows his answer would be “no”. Based on that statement I am not sure what made him select “The Walking Dead” and “True Blood” but I guess he was counting on my general nature that I will try anything and that I did and now I am hooked.

When he first told me about the shows I am sure I rolled my eyes thinking “oh brother” and that I would try one episode of each and be done with them. I don’t know how the writers do it but after each episode I was on board with watching “just one more” which usually turns into a marathon viewing night.

After finishing the second season of “The Walking Dead” I just am hoping if this plot line ever becomes reality that the zombies will be vegan zombies. Not that they will want to eat vegan people but we will only be worried about them ransacking the produce section at grocery stores and stealing from private vegetables gardens!

Now I wait for all of you cable paying viewers to watch season 3 of “The Walking Dead” that starts this month and patiently wait until it is available on Netflix! No spoilers please!


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