I am on a couple of streaks. The first streak was just by chance, not a focused effort and the second streak was planned.

I have incorporated physical activity into my daily routine for 52 days running. When you love to stay active and you aren’t tied to a desk job (or any job:)) there really isn’t much effort needed, it just feels natural to be active during my day. It also helps that most of my friends are active too so if I get together with them it usually involves getting our cheeks flushed by doing something fun. I’ve fit in my normal swim, bike, run and yoga but have mixed it up with testing out an ElliptiGO, SUPing with my sister, trying out a natural hot springs pool, running at altitude, hiking at Torrey Pines Reserve and ocean cove swimming with friends.

Goals and challenges motivate me so I decided for the month of October I would do a 30 day yoga challenge at the studio I go to. I have been doing yoga for almost 11 years and have never done a challenge so I thought it would be interesting to try. I believe the premise of a challenge is to help people get into the habit of regular attendance and notice how they are feeling by consistently practicing yoga. Today I did my 16th class of the month as I am traveling for the next four days and needed to get in a couple extra classes before I left. I was really thankful for the restorative yoga classes on the days I attended two classes. I’ve really enjoyed daily practice listening to my body and adjusting to what it needs each day and each day is different just as in life.

Tomorrow brings an end to these two streaks as I head off for a personal trip but I am looking forward to the rest and visiting time with my sister. We are still bringing our running shoes as we might enjoy a few evening strolls in Louisville, KY.

These streaks are just little ways to get my body and mind ready for the physical and mental effort I will put into Ironman training which starts January 2013. Trust me, these two streaks will seem like cake walks compared to the 9 months I will dedicate to preparing to toe the line at Tahoe Ironman but up for the challenge!

This picture was from Halloween three years ago but I thought it was fitting since I have hot pink streaks (extensions) in my hair!


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