Reader warning: since you have a heart, tissue will be needed while reading this post.

This morning when I started my run I knew my post was going to be about dogs today.  The reason was a dog charged me this morning but luckily his owner was nearby and I was able to stay calm and use a firm voice with him to keep him about 25 feet away.  This brought to mind at least two other times when packs of dogs chased me on my bike while on a remote or lake road.  I love love love dogs but when they chase me I freak out.  I laugh thinking back at one time a solo dog chased me on my bike and grabbed hold of my cycling shoe with his teeth and I screamed like I was in a horror movie.  After the owner intervened I had to catch my breath before I hyperventilated.  Fortunately I’ve never been hurt and more than likely their bark was the only thing that was going to happen in these scenarios.  They just thought they were protecting their owner or properties from a stranger.  That is what is great about dogs, they are so loyal.

Unfortunately later into my run I saw a black object in the road and continued towards it to see that it was a cocker spaniel.  The poor guy was no longer alive.  At first glance he didn’t have a collar but I looked about 10 feet away and his collar was laying in the road.  A lady was walking her golden retriever and I asked her if she had a phone.  Luckily she lived right there so she went to get her phone and I asked her to get some bags as I couldn’t leave this buddy in the road.  My heart sunk as I dialed the owner’s number and had to leave a voice mail for her letting her know about her fur baby.  The dear lady that was helping me was so generous to help me move him out of the road and onto the ground cover.  He was so soft and still warm so whoever hit him recently abandoned him there.

I still haven’t gotten in touch with the owner but based on some additional information I learned from the owner’s voice mail I was able to get in touch with her vet and the vet is helping me try to find the owner so she can lay her fur baby to rest.

All I can think about is her and “Brody”.  I’ve been a slobbery mess since I found him.  I drove back to where his body is and left a note so no one would move him and left a yellow rose from my garden by him because that is what he deserved.  Not to be left lying in a roadway.

Ironically this weekend I start volunteering at Rancho Coastal Humane Society with dogs.  This will help my heart start to heal by giving love to other dogs.  Brody, my volunteering hours will be dedicated to you.

Circa 1979/1980 with our family cocker spaniel puppy, Brandy

Update: Brody’s owner’s brother called me on Tuesday, 10/23 to thank me for taking care of Brody and let me know his sister is still in the hospital but will be ok.  It appears she had a car accident a street over from where I found Brody so he ran from the vehicle and then was hit by a car.  This dog was so dear to her so I hope her heart mends with time.  You can see a picture of how handsome Brody was on the Actions post.


7 thoughts on “Tears

  1. I am so thankful that you were there at the “right” time and was able to put Brody in a spot for his owner to get him and know that he was taken care of!! As always – I am so proud of my sister – I love you!

  2. My Heidi, such an angel….I was just telling Bill the story and I mentioned our little Brandy which I was picturing this picture in my head…And here it is. Love you Heidi and all the compassion that fills your heart. Mom xoxo

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  4. You are such a kind soul. I cried thinking about the furbaby Brody! He was blessed that his final moments are with you. 🙂

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  6. Heidi….just read on facebook about your story on Brody and just want to say what compassion you showed for that poor little animal….and thank you for taking care of him….Think about you often and ask Jodi every now and then if she has talked to you….Take care Heidi and God bless you for caring the way you do….

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