Since Friday I’ve really been thinking about how each of our actions ties into something else.  Quite honestly I’m quite puzzled how at 7 a.m. in the morning with all the dog walkers in my neighborhood how no one else came to Brody’s aid.  On Saturday I saw two ladies that I also saw on Friday and inquired if they had seen a black cocker spaniel running around when they were walking their dogs the day before.  They admitted they did see a black cocker spaniel laying in the road and commented “I meant to call someone but the day got away from me.”

The Law of Karma acknowledges that there are reactions to our actions, consequences to our choices. ~ The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga Guidebook

I have heard there is a show called “What Would You Do” which I haven’t seen but understand they create ethical dilemmas and see what people do.  I wish the dog in the road would have been a fake and the show producers would have come out and revealed the scenario but unfortunately that wasn’t the case.

Earlier this year I was in a situation where a dad was belittling his adolescent son out in public.  I could see the shell around this poor boy and wanted to intervene but I was a coward.  I was afraid of what the dad would do to the son after I spoke up for him.  Instead I live with the regret that I didn’t show that boy that someone cared.

Since my post about Brody on Friday I have learned that I couldn’t get a hold of his owner as she has not been in contact with her family.  My call regarding Brody to the vet started a string of actions that got in touch with the owner’s siblings who then called police to start investigating the whereabouts of their sister.  What if I wouldn’t have stopped, found Brody’s tags, made a phone call, searched the internet for some connections, called the vet, vet called family members which lead to them looking for their sister?  What if Brody continued to lay in the street to get hit by additional cars and animal control came by to discard his broken body, no calls, would the family know the whereabouts of their sisters today?

It remains a mystery to me on the welfare of the dog’s owner but I can sleep knowing his remains are at peace and Brody’s owner’s family members know what happened to him.

Don’t live with regrets.  Try to make the best choices and action for the situations that arise.

I know the next time I am presented a situation I will think about the boy I didn’t stand up for and Brody


5 thoughts on “Actions

  1. We all have seen that Parent!! And Martina McBride sings about that child. What us important is WHAT you did do and have done. Love you. Mom

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  3. I’m fairly certian your karma bank is overflowing Heidi. The Brody story just broke my heart. If that were my sweet pup, I would have been eternally grateful to you for taking the time to show him the respect a soul deserves!

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