I’ve mentioned in earlier posts that I am doing a 30 day yoga challenge. I have been practicing yoga for about 10 years and what I am really enjoying about practicing everyday is I feel more flexible (no pun intended) on the classes I choose to attend. Tonight I went to try out the Deep Stretch class and then stayed for Yoga Fundamentals as I know getting to the studio tomorrow is going to be a challenge so I got in two classes tonight.

What I really liked about Yoga Fundamentals was the wide variety of experience in the room. The majority of class was new to yoga and most had only been to classes at their gym but there was also a man there that said he had been “on the mat” since before the instructor was born. The instructor and I have been practicing about the same amount of time and are probably in the same age range. The instructor noted how she looked forward to the time when she would have been “on the mat” for that long. She asked him why he got started and he said when he was younger he saw so many older people practicing yoga that were maintaining their flexibility and good health and he was happy to say that is how he was feeling all these years later.

Seeing all these generations together practicing yoga made me realize even more how beautiful yoga is. It is neat to think of all the generations and cultures before us that practiced this graceful flow and how it continues to be passed on to newer generations.


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