I guess you could say I have eyes like a hawk when it comes to spotting hawks.  These beautiful soaring birds of prey intrigue me.  Whenever I am driving, biking or running I usually can spot one either sitting on a light post or soaring above.  Last week I was doing a short lagoon trail run and was feeling sluggish.  I was trying mental tricks such as telling myself I was as quick as a cheetah and all the sudden a hawk was soaring parallel to me at head height about 25 ft away!  He must have caught my vibe and was trying to tell me I could be as fast as a soaring hawk!  That moment with the hawk struck me and stirred up emotions.  Whenever things like happen I always wonder who might be watching over me in that moment.  I have so many precious angels above.

The next day I was doing an early morning jog in my neighborhood and there was still only light from the moon.  A mouse started running parallel to me along a retaining wall.  I felt like I was in a riddle and was waiting for the moment when the hawk I saw the day before would swoop in and pick up the mouse!

I can’t imagine the freedom hawks and other birds feel being able to fly wherever they want.  I guess that is one of the reason I love to bike, especially bike touring as I feel so free exploring the unknown.  Do something that will make your spirit soar!
Here are some pictures from the book Bird by Andrew Zuckerman.  Amazing photography!


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