I am currently doing the 21-day Chopra Center Meditation Challenge and the theme is Creating Abundance.

The word “abundance” can mean different things to different people. For instance, one person may consider amassing great wealth as living an abundant life. Another may define abundance in spiritual terms—to be, do, and have a life filled with love, joy, harmony, peace, health, and vitality. ~ Deepak Chopra

I have had the last three months with not working to take time and reflect on what an abundant life I have been blessed with based on the spiritual terms noted above. I feel so fortunate to sit here and feel full, without want/need.

Abundance also ties into this wonderful time of year of Thanksgiving. I’ve enjoyed reading daily gratitude/thanksgiving writings from friends on Facebook and want to take time to reflect how thankful I am for the abundance that is in my life. I had a special outing with a friend today and am including pictures in this post which illustrates all the light I feel in my life.

  • Supportive and loving husband that is my best friend and biggest cheerleader
  • Loyal fur babies that are always by my side
  • Good health
  • Vitality to allow me to flush my cheeks and get my heart going daily
  • Big family that embraces all of our own uniqueness
  • Lifelong friendships
  • New friendship that enrich my life
  • Near perfect climate where I live and can enjoy being outside all year round
  • Shelter over our heads
  • Good food to nourish us
  • Having yoga and meditation practice to keep me centered and grounded

If you haven’t pondered creating abundance or recognizing the abundance in your life take this month in the spirit of Thanksgiving to look around and count your blessings.


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