Green Christmas

I remember the first couple Christmases after we moved from the Midwest to California it looked so awkward seeing holiday decorations in yards with no snow.  It just seemed like something was out of place.  Now after living here for 11 years it feels normal to me.

Our friends have a yearly tradition to go to a local holiday parade.  They have invited us a couple of times so tonight we thought we would check it out with them.  We were in awe of how many people come out for this event!

The theme for the Encinitas Holiday Parade was “Stoked for the Holidays”, how SoCal is that!  The parade was full of surf and beach themes and I probably heard more Beach Boys music than Christmas music.  The vibe was so cool with all the Woodies and VW vans cruising along in the parade.  I was thinking if a parade was going on in the Midwest during the same time how different it may be with snowmobiles, tractors, trucks, sleds and camo or snowsuit clothed people!

I am thankful I grew up in the Midwest and now thankful I live in SoCal.  Nice to have been able to experience both ways of life, culture and traditions.  For now I will take our green Christmases over white since I still have more years of experiences with white than green!



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