I forgot how much I love going on walks.  When I lived in the Midwest and hadn’t found running, walking was one of my main forms of exercise if I wasn’t going to the gym.  I believe I had a rule of thumb that if it was at least 32 degrees I would go outside for a walk.  When we moved to San Diego we didn’t take up a gym membership and only lived blocks from the ocean so I walked as much as I could and added in the staircases along the beach for an extra challenge.

Once I found cycling, running and then triathlon, walking became less of an activity just due to available time.  Now I find I only walk if I need a rest or recovery period.  I am in active rest period now as I wait for stitches in my back to heal from a mole excision.  According to the doctor yoga, running, cycling and of course swimming are off limits for two weeks so I have turned to walking during this time.

Walks are such a good time to catch up with a friend, clear your head and slowly observe nature.  Now that I am volunteering at Rancho Coastal Humane Society I get to use this walking period partnered with a dog.  These walks are special to me as I know the dog is happy being out and exploring and that energy just makes me happy as can be.

I plan to keep walking in my list of activities after this recovery period as I am considering a walk/run strategy for the marathon during Ironman so look forward to keep my walk fitness up with friends and four legged pals!


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