I remember staying at my aunt and uncle’s house in the summers in Colorado when my dad was on the road trucking.  I would hear my uncle get up well before light (probably 5ish) and either head to the gym to play racquetball or get ready for work.  Another aunt and uncle would talk about how they would get up around 4 a.m. so they could get in their Bible study and run the dog before work.  Their routines must have had an impact on me as I love the early mornings.

Ever since I was in college I have been a “morning person”.  I used to teach the crack of dawn step aerobics class at the Fargo YMCA in college so I think that got me into the morning routine.

I cherish the pre dawn hours when all is quiet.   This morning as I was laying in bed before rising I could hear an owl hooting outside.  If I head out for exercise I get to see the rabbits scurrying around, birds singing and even come upon coyotes heading back from their evening prowls.  There is also the other “morning people” that are out walking their dogs or getting in their morning walk or jog.  I like that we are part of the same club.

A highlight of being up before sunrise is to watch the sky change and different color combinations transform in the sky each day.  The downfall to being a morning person is I do like to go to bed early but maybe there will be a time in my life I will decide to try sleeping in and stay up later to embrace evenings and sunsets.  For now I don’t see myself becoming a “night owl” anytime soon!


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