Happiness Project

My good friend passed along the book The Happiness Project but I am behind on my reading so have yet to read it. She told me the gist of the book so I believe I understand the premise. I believe a lot of people’s lives are full of to-dos that they don’t necessarily want to do and doesn’t fill them with joy. Another friend of mine gifted me with a beautiful necklace charm that says “Live the Life You Love, Love the Life You Live” which really resonates with me. I wore it last Spring during a 6 day self supported bike tour in Utah with my husband. We were truly living up to the charm’s statement. Even though at this time in our life we can’t be on a bike tour all the time I try to live the charm mantra as much as possible. Below is a recap of how I contributed to my happiness project this weekend.

  • Vespa ride to trail head for lagoon run
  • Prepped raw cookie creations for dehydrator
  • Couch time with my hubby and kitties for our Netflix fix
  • Coastal bike ride with my hubby
  • Nap time with the family
  • Experiencing delicious vegan food with dear friends
  • Visiting with friends at masters swim party
  • Watching the love between my friend and her horse on a Sunday morning
  • Walking furry friends
  • Blogging

I’d love to hear how your happiness project is going and how you “Live the Life You Love, Love the Life You Live.”


3 thoughts on “Happiness Project

  1. I read that book. It was pretty interesting and I think it really marked the start of me trying to live a more fulfilled and meaningful life.

    This weekend wasn’t too bad–finished up our bike room and I worked on some art!

    Nice post!

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