This phrase, “dog-gone-it” or “son-of-a-gun” makes me smile as it is something my dad would have said.  Today was one of those “dog-gone-it” kind of days.

My normal riding buddy is focused on run and mountain bike training right now so I have been doing most of my bike training solo.  This can be a very good thing as Ironman is all about being solo and spending lots of time in your head but then again there are some days you just want a friend to chat with and push each other through the ride.  I’ve been getting about an hour of riding partner time with my hubby when he heads out to his group ride and then we part ways.  Today I was going to go a little longer with him and join his group for the “warm up” portion of their ride so I could have more riding partner time and also test my limits with the guys.

We were targeted to leave the house at 6:35 a.m.  I was up by 4 a.m. so was ready to roll but my husband has this thing on ride days where he just needs a little more time…which meant we left a little late, which meant he was going to push me to get to the ride start on time.  From the minute we rolled out of our driveway my HR was running hot and high.  I said to him several times he should just press on without me as I wasn’t going to be able to maintain this effort for 2 hours.  He said he would back off so we continued to roll along.

We go through Elfin Forest to get to his ride start, check out the video from last week.  On an occasion before we came upon two big friendly dogs that were running along side this busy road.  I told Matt to go on and I would find their owners which I did shortly as they were out in their van looking for them.  Low and behold today we came upon the same dogs.  Once again I told Matt to go on as I couldn’t leave those dogs out there with the risk of them getting hit.  I coaxed them along to the road I found their owners before.  This time however they weren’t out looking so I asked a guy driving a truck if he knew where they lived and he gave me instructions to their house.  I found the house and the owner was at the front door and I proceeded to tell her I was disappointed that this was the second time I’d found her dogs on the busy main road and I apologized for being stern but I was upset that at some point they would get hit.

So off I go now solo for the rest of my ride and thinking about “Murphy” and “Maddie” as I pedaled away hoping that the owner would install their invisible fence as she stated and keep them out of harms way.

I am starting to think I was a dog or dog whisper in a past life as about an hour later in Rancho Santa Fe there was another stray dog!  I stopped with a couple other cyclists so we could sleuth the situation and find the owner.  The dog only had a Pet Finder tag so I called the company and they left a message for the owner.  There is an animal shelter, Helen Woodward, on the road we were on so finally a nice lady pulled up in her SUV and offered to take “Mitzi” to the shelter until her owner came to get her.  I biked to the shelter to confirm Mitzi was dropped there and the shelter staff told me this was the fourth time she had been brought there due to a faulty gate at her owner’s house.  The owner called me later to confirm he had picked up Mitzi.

With both of these incidents my training rhythm was all messed up and I was short on time to get home and get my run in before some afternoon obligations.  But just like the unknown I will experience on Ironman day you just need to make the best of it and move forward.  Even though it felt like a “dog-gone-it” day while training I wouldn’t have it any other way as I am at peace knowing Murphy, Maddie and Mitzi are all safe at home for the time being.

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade!

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade!

I thought it fitting to snap a picture at dog beach today!

I thought it fitting to snap a picture at dog beach today!


3 thoughts on “Dog-gone-it!

  1. I hope that a kind soul like you would take care of my baby if she was ever lost. Next weekend, we will roll together- as long as it isn’t at o dark thirty!

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