Birds of a feather flock together

Follow up from my Dog-gone-it post from a couple weeks ago!

In my original post I didn’t mention that one of the cyclists saw a rope/string in the road and made a make shift leash for Mitzi so she could walk around while we were trying to find a solution for her.  While we were waiting,  a guy in a suburban, parked across the street and came over to see what was going on.  He said he was willing to drop Mitzi off somewhere if we could let him know now as he was running late to coach a game.  He said he couldn’t wait long since he was already late and he wished his wife didn’t have obligations as she worked with dogs and he knew she would want to help.  We couldn’t get in touch with anyone to give him directions on where to bring Mitzi so he had to leave.

That picks off from my original story where I mention the lady, Marianne, who drove up to us about 15 minutes later with two kids in the SUV.  At this point the animal shelter down the road gave us the okay to drop Mitzi off and Marianne was willing to do this despite being late to bring her kids to their game.  Marianne gave me her contact numbers so I could keep her posted of Mitzi’s status.  Once I heard that Mitzi’s owner picked her up from the animal shelter I texted Marianne.  She responded five days later with this funny update:

So finally mentioned to my husband about stopping for u guys and Mitzi.  He says, yeah, that peach or pink string-like leash was a clue something was off, huh?  I said, no….it was the looks on their faces and…hey!  How did you know about the leash?!  Apparently he stopped and talked to you about fifteen minutes before I did.  Funny.  Tho, I’m not happy he just drove off and left u guys but happy he stopped nonetheless.  Anyway, wanted to share the story.

I texted her back that the story made my day and thought it was so great that a husband and wife stopped unknown to each other to help others in need.  I told her they obviously are teaching their kids by example of how to be helpful citizens.  As I told the story that week to others I heard great descriptions such as “cut from the same cloth” and “birds of a feather flock together”.  I’m thankful for people in this world like Maureen and her husband, Rick.

Birds of a feather flock together


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