Not the bee’s knees

the bee’s knees  (British & Australian informal)

to be extremely good

What I am about to recap to you below is NOT the bee’s knees.

I don’t know if all cyclists have this problem but almost every season I am stung by a bee during a bike ride.  And as the years go on my reaction to the stings get worse.  I am not much of a “potty” mouth but when a bee stings me I sound like a drunken sailor as it hurts so bad!  I described my sting last weekend to a friend (who also reacts very badly to stings) it felt like a hot knife was being driven into my thigh.  As far as I can remember I’ve been stung on my knee, chest, thigh and ear and on the foot when I was a kid but don’t recall a bad reaction then.

Luckily I only react to the sting in the location I am stung and haven’t had any breathing issues so far however I did get an EpiPen prescription just in case that day might come I will be prepare…that is if I can remember how to use it:)

Part of me thinks the bees should be more kind to me as I am a vegan but the other part of me says they must know I am a vegan that does make exceptions once and awhile if there is honey in a dish.  If I stop making this occasional exception will I stop getting stung…worth trying!

I got stung about 5 miles from my house on Sunday during a coast recovery ride.  When I felt the pain I looked down and saw the bee on my thigh and the poison pouch so as I swore I pulled over, flicked the bee off and gently pulled the stinger out and road home.  When I looked at the sting site it was approximately 2″x3″.  By Monday it was approximately 5″x6″ and by Tuesday it was exceeding 7″x8″ very red, hot and starting to blister.  It typically takes the sting sites 3 weeks to heal but with this one the swelling was starting to limit my knee range of motion so the doctor told me to come in to rule out staph infection.  The doctor suggested a steroid shot to start the healing and a dose of antibiotics to prevent infection.  I try not to take pharma drugs but the thought of a slow heal over the next 3 weeks was not appealing.  The itching can drive me batty alone!  As of today the redness and heat are greatly reduced so I am happy I took the doctor’s orders.

Hopefully this is my only sting of the year but if not feel free to pass along any homeopathic bee sting remedies that might help me in the future, that would be the bee’s knees, thanks!

Sting site after 3 days.  It started as small as near the bruise area by the stinger entry and then expanded quickly over 2 days.

Sting site after 3 days. It started as small as near the bruise area by the stinger entry and then expanded quickly over 2 days.


5 thoughts on “Not the bee’s knees

  1. Just keep Benadryl or some other antihistamine in your seat bag, and pop one when you get stung. Will keep the reaction down. I seem to get stung a few times a year while riding. Jason is terribly allergic but I don’t get too bad of a reaction. Horsefly bites are another story; they feel as if I’ve been shot! (not that I’ve ever been shot, of course, so I should say they’re what I imagine being shot feels like).

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