It just keeps getting better

Each year I feel like life just keeps getting better!

Yesterday was my birthday and I was so filled with love from cards, texts, phone calls, emails, Tweets and Facebook posts with such kind words.  Friends gave me a couple more “likes” on my Veganxplorer page which was a bonus!  I am so blessed for all the wonderful people in my life.

Matt and I started the day off with sleeping in until 6:00 a.m. as it was a rest day from training.  We carpooled to work but made a stop at the new Wholefoods to have breakfast and pick out something for lunch.

At work my colleagues were so sweet with emails and verbal birthday greetings.  My coworker and friend, Kevin, brought a grocery bag full of two varieties of kale!  Perfect gift!  I will be making kale chips tomorrow!

To top off the day, our dear friends Cathy and Chris, hosted us and some of our friends at their home for a five course vegan meal!  Shephali brought a veggie and dip appetizer, Kirsty brought a decadent raw pie and Cathy created guacamole and flat bread appetizers, lentil soup, kale/apple salad and Mediterranean wraps.  Cathy calls me “Sunshine” and had the house filled with yellow flowers.

I hope each of you that read this are finding life getting better each year!


One thought on “It just keeps getting better

  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed your special day! That food all looked amazing – what a great way to celebrate! Thanks for the thoughtful card that greeted me in MN 🙂

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