Turn your impossible to possible!

Do you ever have ideas that you feel are impossible to achieve?  I am continually inspired by so many people that pursue their dreams and make them come true, turning what they may feel impossible to possible!

Like Julie Weiss that decided to honor her dad by crafting a huge goal of running 52 marathons in a year and raising $1M towards pancreatic cancer research.  I am sure at the time of committing to this goal she felt it was so large and maybe even impossible but with commitment, determination and passion she completed the 52 marathons and drew so much attention towards pancreatic cancer research.  The $1M goal is still a target but the six figures people rallied to raise is a huge accomplishment and just the start!

I am lucky to surround myself with friends and family that continue to challenge themselves and up the ante which will keep me wanting to raise the bar for myself.  Here are some recent blog posts from friends taking it to the next level:

The Secret

My Monster

Epic Swim: 100x100m

Our challenges don’t have to by physical.  My sister and dear friend left their corporate jobs to pursue their entrepreneurial spirit and opened their own businesses.

Adley Anne’s

Wildflower Meditation

I was thinking about all this today after I completed 2 loops of a hilly run that I normally do only once.  I’ve thought to myself many times that I wanted to do the loop twice but haven’t pushed myself to do it until today and even though it was tough I was on a high after I finished knowing that I made what seemed impossible, possible.

Go after your impossible and make it possible!

What is in your next chapter?


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