Dear Saint George

Dear Saint George:

Thank you for not letting the dragon catch me during the swim at Sand Hollow Reservoir.  The water was calm and inviting compared to the 3 foot swells the Ironman athletes had to fight last year as we watched in horror as spectators.

Saint George and the Dragon

Saint George and the Dragon

The first 25 miles of the bike were fun and fast despite the climbs in between the descents.  I started to feel the dragon’s heat around the 40 mile mark heading into Snow Canyon State Park for the biggest climb of the day but I was able to rally through it and get a second wind on the long descent heading back into town.

However, during the descent on the bike on Red Hills Parkway, I saw the pros running toward me, up the steep hill I was flying down on my bike  and my spirits were crushed knowing that was in my near future.  My quads and area behind my left knee had started to cramp so I was trying to wrap my mind around how I was going to get through the run which I now call the “power hike course”.  I tapped into the tricks I know – mental mantras, stretching, cola shots, salt tabs and a power walk up hill, run downhill strategy.  The dragon almost got me but I kept one foot in front of the other until I reached the finish line.  Not my fastest 70.3 but still happy with the outcome based on social media comments from pros and another athlete tweeting “hardest IM 70.3 course on the planet”!

Now to soak up the race fitness I gained and gear up for IM Tahoe!


Heidi (AKA: Veganxplorer)


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