Whatever it takes

When I say “whatever it takes” I am talking about taking measures that might be outside of my normal perimeters to get me through training or a race.  It might mean something else to you.

My husband jokes with me that I can be a robot when it comes to the ability to stay on a clean whole food plant based diet.  My body has become accustomed to this type of food so for the most part that is what I crave.  However there are times during training or a race that I tap into the “whatever it takes” plan.  For instance during St. George 70.3 I started bonking on the last big climb up Snow Canyon.  When I am in robot mode I won’t drink sports drinks that I know have high fructose corn syrup but I knew I had a race to finish and that was my option at the time to keep my body going so I downed the drink as I slowly churned the pedals up the climb.  Even though that drink wasn’t good for me (in my opinion) it got me through the bike and to the run start.

My little sister is newer to racing and has a very minimalistic approach to race nutrition.  She hasn’t learned the bonking and high body temperature signs which recently lead her to heat exhaustion and hypoglycemic after collapsing during a half marathon.  I can highly bet for her next race she will realize when she needs water on her head, ice down her top and replace her electrolytes and minerals to stay up right and cross that finish line.  She will do whatever it takes to reach her next PR!

Heat exhaustion and hypoglycemia from humid Fargo 1/2 marathon

Heat exhaustion and hypoglycemia from humid Fargo 1/2 marathon

This weekend I started increasing my volume for Ironman training.  I was tested by strong riders on Saturday during a 73 mile, 5800 ft climbing ride.  I hadn’t planned to be out for five hours so at the gas station I bought a pack of nutter butters (yes, they are vegan!).  I ended the long holiday weekend with a morning master swim and 3+ hr ride.  My mind was telling me I would rather be home vegging for day.  It ended up being a two nutter butter pack weekend to get me through my second ride.  You can guess what will be in my special needs bag on the bike during Ironman!  I’ll do whatever it takes to cross that finish line and complete 140.6 miles come September 22!

Winning combination

Winning combination


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