Random Thoughts

Today I had five hours of training to do and I headed on out on my own as I like leaving the house early and getting home early.  Here’s random thoughts that came to mind while I was on the bike for 70 miles followed by a 20 minute transition run off the bike.  What do you think about when you are training by yourself?

  • Looked at bike computer right when I left the house and it showed 30 seconds, “Ugh” thinking about the next 4.5 hours and not feeling peppy.
  • “Need to take a picture of all the Jacarandas in bloom!”

6_1 Jacaranda 2 6_1 Jacarandas

  • Saw a sign after climbing Circle R that says stealing avocados is theft (also has a cute bugler picture), “as a vegan if I decided to be a thief, this would be a good thief to be”, “why didn’t I take a picture of that sign!”
  • After thinking about the avocado orchards I had a great idea “Haylee’s boyfriend (ND farmer) could be an avocado farmer here so Haylee could move here and be a nurse!”
  • While biking on W. Lilac Road I kept thinking “I hope there are no stray dogs out today that want to chase me“.  I don’t worry so much about cars when I bike as dogs chasing me.  My husband has been witness to this several times.  He is always in the front which spurs on the dogs and I am the sucker in the back having to figure out how to escape the barking pack!
  • “Thank you car” when they pass and leave plenty of room for me to feel safe or “geez a couple more inches please!” to cars that buzz me when they are passing.
  • “Catch their wheel!  Stay on their wheel!” as two guys on tri bikes were flying past me on the bike path.  Caught ’em and held on to get me through the typical bike path head wind.
  • “Why don’t people wear helmets?” as many casual riders pass by on the bike path without helmets.
  • “Thankful for North County Cycle Club” that showed Matt and I routes all over San Diego when we used to ride with them in the early 2000’s.  It is great to just roll out from your house and know you can find your way around the county all by yourself.  My longest solo ride when I was training for a double century was 130 miles.
  • “Love the sharrows and wide bike lanes” while watching the San Diego century riders safely cruising along the coast in Leucadia and Encinitas.
  • “Yes!” when I was feeling in my jersey pocket for an energy bar but I felt a Chia Squeeze instead!
  • “I’m hungry”.
  • “What am I going to have for lunch?”
  • “Ouch” as my right knee starting aching towards the end of my bike ride
  • “What am I going to have for dinner?”
  • “Wow that 7o miles went by fast!”
  • 6_1 bike“Shit!” as a bee was flying under my chin during my run.
  • “This 20 minutes is taking forever” when I was only 5 minutes into a 20 minute transition run.
  • “Good job Heidi” when I finished my run and was done!

Green smoothie and brazil nuts for lunch, showered and compression tights on!  Training was done before noon so plenty of time to treat myself to a nap!  Plan to have guacamole for dinner with all those avocado random thoughts above, purchased avocados of course!


3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. NOT JUST A GOOD JOB HEIDI…….AN AWESOME JOB…….SOLO and STILL STRONG! Not easy and you did it!!!! Go Heidi Go! XO

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