Swim Bike Jog Struggle Prevail!

Today was a swim, bike, run Saturday!  It turned into a swim, bike, jog, struggle but prevail day!

Last week I had a 21 hour training week with a heavy bike focus which went well but I think I was feeling the fatigue from last week during today’s almost 8 hour session (includes total time out in the elements).

The 7 a.m. masters swim went fine and I lead the majority of the set in the 1:40 base lane (for non-swimmers that is the time it takes to do four laps comfortably and consistently in a 25 yard pool).

I had set up my car as T1/2 (transition area 1 & 2) in the YMCA parking lot so after the swim I got ready and headed out on the bike.  I could tell from the get go it was going to be a challenging day based on my high heart rate and sweat rate due to the humidity and later heat.  I wore my “Dig Deep” Leadville bracelet in honor of my friend Kirsty, that was doing the Leadville 50 mile mountain bike course today with an injured ankle as well as my Pancreatic Cancer Action Network bracelet to think about my dad and uncle and recent masters swimmer that was diagnosed.  My friend Alison was also out doing her first double century (200 miles in a day), Seattle to Portland.  I knew I wasn’t suffering more than those mentioned above and I had to keep going.  I chanted “you can do this” in my head many times throughout the ride.  I lived up to my chant and rolled into the Y to face my 30 minute transition run (run off the bike).

The good news is I bucked up and laced up my shoes and got the 30 minute transition jog done.  It took more mental chanting to cheer me on but I got’er done.

It’s always interesting to think about that when it comes to Ironman time on September 22 I will only be starting the marathon in approximately the same amount of time it took for my training session today!  Good thing I like to swim, bike, run (jog, power walk, whatever it takes to get through the trail of tears of a marathon at the end of an Ironman)!

Speaking of run, Vega and compression tights, are helping me get prepared for my 15 mile run tomorrow morning before I do a Vega demo at 11 a.m.!  That will be a wrap for this 14 hour run focused training week.

Swim: 3,200 yards

Bike: 80.5 miles, 5400 feet of climbing

Run: 3 miles


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