“He’d be proud of you”

Last year in honor of my dad’s 60th birthday, I ran the AFC half marathon that benefits Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.  I wore my  personalized tank that has my dad’s picture on it with the words, “Each Stride in Your Memory Dad”.  A fellow runner was passing me and said “he’d be proud of you.” Nothing like welling up with tears while running but I really appreciated his kind words. That is one thing I know for sure with my dad no longer on this Earth is that he always told me he was proud of me and loved me. He was never shy to let his girls (Heather, Heidi & Holly) and others know how proud he was of us. For that I am so thankful.

Since my dad, Doug, and his brother, Jeff, and so many others are taken too soon by this horrible disease I have made it a mission of mine to spread awareness hoping that someday more advances will be made for early detection and improved survival rates that my dad and uncle Jeff didn’t have available to them.

In 2010, my husband and I, raised $3,151.00 through the generous help of our friends and family for Pancreatic Cancer Action Network while we were training and completed our first Ironman.  My dad’s 61st birthday will be on Monday, July 22 and our second Ironman is coming up on September 22 so I thought it was a perfect time to fundraise and raise the awareness bar higher.  Since I know there is more power in numbers, all the money we raise will go towards Marathon Goddess‘ $1M goal ($185K raised so far) for pancreatic cancer that she started by doing 52 marathons in 52 weeks in memory of her dad, Maurice!  I also love the fact that my dad drove over a million miles truck driving so the $1M goal Julie is going after is perfect!

Thanks in advance for your support!  There are two ways you can donate.

1.  Old school via check and snail mail.  Please make checks payable to Pancreatic Cancer Action Network and note “52 for You” in the memo section.  Send to:

Heidi Swanson

PO Box 131351*

Carlsbad CA 92013

*Post office box valid through January 31, 2014

2. Online through Marathon Goddess’ site and note Swanson140.6 in the comment section for your donation so I can see all the love and support coming through!

If a financial donation is not something you can do at this time, here are other ways you can be an advocate for pancreatic cancer awareness!

I know we will make my dad, Jeff and cancer survivors proud by raising the bar of awareness and advancements for this horrible disease.


4 thoughts on ““He’d be proud of you”

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