Super food Saturday part 2

I had a great time visiting and walking the dogs today at RCHS and felt energized the whole time thanks to my super food morning.  Here’s some more super food ideas for you based on my super food afternoon and evening!

Post dog walk/pre nap

  • Water
  • Loaded salad: romaine, cucumbers, tomatoes, raisins (hemp hearts for my hubby as he doesn’t like raisins and I don’t care for hemp), walnuts, avocado drizzled with a mixture of dijon mustard, apple cider vinegar & olive oil and sprinkled with nutritional yeast for a B12 punch!

Loaded salads

Post nap


  • Water
  • Sweet potato (an actual sweet potato, not a yam called a sweet potato:)) with broccoli, sprinkled with nutritional yeast and hummus
  • Honeydew melon cooler
  • Prepped quinoa in pressure cooker (only takes 4 minutes!) to have for my dark thirty pre volunteer/run breakfast tomorrow morning

For more clean plant based food ideas check out my fuel pages.  If you are just starting to add in clean plant based food ease into it to help avoid initial GI stress from all the great fiber you will be getting!  I have been vegan for seven years so can pack it all in and feel great!  You will too, it just takes time for your body to adjust to all the goodness and super foods you are giving it!


3 thoughts on “Super food Saturday part 2

  1. found your blog via Diana Noble…I am 10 days a Vegan and loving it. It’s not easy but not all that hard. I ate mostly whole foods before so the healthy diet is not the issue, just takes a bit of planning. 7 days it took me to stop reaching for greek yogurt- I finally fed it to the dogs- chees, dogs are loving it too!

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