I might be jinxing myself by writing this blog but am so excited to celebrate a milestone of not having  a migraine for two months!

After moving to San Diego in 2001, I started getting migraines.  I don’t know what triggered them but there may be a genetic factor as many people in my family have suffered from migraines as well.

For years, if I got a migraine I would just need to get in bed with an eye mask to block out light and try to sleep and ask my husband to be quiet (TV/music) or make any fragrant foods. My symptoms are sensitivity to light (as well white spots in my vision), smells and sounds.  Fortunately I’ve only had two migraines that have caused severe nausea and vomiting.

I tend to not like taking medication but finally mentioned to my gynecologist  about getting migraines several years ago and she prescribed me Imitrex.  This was such a relief for me as long as I noticed the symptoms and took a 25 mg pill right away I could usually function.  Over time, the medication didn’t seem to do the trick and I felt I was taking more and more pills and needing to take them multiple days so I finally went to see a neurologist that prescribed me Treximet.  Treximet really does the trick for me as long as I take it right when I sense symptoms and if I take it with food to avoid nausea.


This year I started tracking my migraines in a spreadsheet and was ranging 3-4 migraines a month but since May I have only been averaging 1-2 per month and as of today I haven’t had a migraine since mid September!

I’ve been making a lot of small tweaks so wanted to share some things that might be contributing to less migraines and maybe this might help another migraine sufferer.


  • I’ve been a wholefood vegan for seven years but for over a year have been mainly gluten free as I feel like I have a a “hangover” the day after I’ve eaten gluten
  • Water hydrating is also key for me especially if I am traveling to avoid the start of a headache


  • My neurologist suggested vitamin therapy a couple years ago and I have been consistent with daily magnesium and CoQ10 supplements.  Their website has helpful resources as well.
  • This July after blood work showed a lower B12 (474 based on a 211-946 range), low Vitamin D (30 based on a range of 30-100) and lower iron, I started B12 shots, Vitamin D and Iron supplements.  My B12 is past the high range now (no documented issue with having high B12) and my Vitamin D levels are higher.  Also, as I geared up for Ironman Tahoe (altitude) I started taking chlorella which I  still take daily
  • I’ve also taken synthetic oral hormones since I was 16 years old so explored different options and in July changed to a trans-dermal progesterone/estrogen treatment


  • I’ve been working in an office (verses home office) for the past year and realized fluorescent lights seemed to be a headache trigger so now just use under cabinet lights in my office and keep the fluorescent lights off

Thirty-six million Americans, about 12% of the population, suffer from migraine headaches so if you are one of them and have other helpful tips that give you relief please share them!


2 thoughts on “Migraines

  1. that makes me so happy that you haven’t had a migraine since September! Love seeing someone be proactive about preventative treatment, you are inspiring!

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