Memory Tree

My husband assembled our fake Charlie Brown tree earlier in the week.  While he was bike commuting home tonight I started to decorate it.

I’m not a big Christmas fan.  My husband calls me a bah humbug but he knows I like the spirit of Christmas, just not the Christmas consumerism.

When it comes to decorating our tree I like to keep it simple.

Rancho & Lux enjoying the tree

Rancho & Lux enjoying the tree

Some may decorate based on color themes (my mom always bought a flock white tree and would change the ornament colors every year) or with their race medals.  We decorate our tree with ornaments that were gifted to us or that we have bought during vacations.  If you come visit us, it won’t be lost on you that we are cat lovers or bike enthusiasts from all the themed ornaments.  So tonight as I decorate our little Charlie Brown tree I feel the Christmas spirit of warm memories that the ornaments conjure up on our memory tree!

Wishing you all a holiday season full of making memories for years to come!


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