2013 Recap

I feel like it was yesterday I was blogging about my 2012 recap!

2013 proved to be a great year!  Here’s a look back at the experiences and memories gained in 2013.  Looking forward to see what 2014 brings my way!


Swim: approx. 366,965 yards (208 miles)

Bike: approx. 4,261 miles

Run: approx. 802 miles

2013 review 2

Facebook picture collage 1 (Halloween picture is not from 2013)


Half Ironman: St. George 70.3

Ironman: Lake Tahoe 140.6


During Ironman training, I raised awareness for Pancreatic Cancer Action Network and through friends, family and employer matches raised $1,842.21 towards Marathon Goddess‘ $1M goal.  I also volunteered at the Pancreatic Cancer Action water station for the AFC 1/2 marathon this summer.

Putting two of my passions together!

Putting two of my passions together!


October marked a year volunteering at Rancho Coastal Humane Society.  I am in my happy place when I am there surrounded by my furry friends and wonderful volunteers and staff members!


January will mark my one year anniversary of being a plant based ambassador for Vega.  I am in my element when I am talking to people about clean plant based nutrition.  Next year I will be adding to my ambassador roles by being part of the HERevolution Multisport Team!  Looking forward to be inspired by all the ladies on the team and challenge myself in the new year!


  • February: Fargo, North Dakota for my sister’s 40th surprise party
  • May: St. George, Utah for 70.3 race
  • September: Tahoe, California for 140.6 race
  • October: St. Paul, Minnesota for my long time friend’s wedding reception (quick stop in Fargo too)
  • November: Colorado to explore Boulder and Fort Collins with my husband
2013 review 1

Facebook picture collage 2 (old picture of Tia & I)


  • April: dear step-mom, Colleen, and her friend, Jan
  • June: youngest sister, Haylee, and her boyfriend, Seth
  • July/December: Canadian friends Alison and Jason
  • August: oldest sister, Heather, was in town for work
  • September: my sister, Holly, and her husband, Toby, and Matt’s parents met us in Tahoe for Ironman
  • August/December: Matt’s parents Paul and Vickie


2013 review 3

Facebook picture collage 3


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