Get in Gear!

My OCD personality is happy when it comes to race prep as I get to get all my racing gear out and organize it!  I have a neurosis for having things in their place so enjoy this activity!  The week before a race I like to start putting things in piles and then pack it all before heading out for the race.  If you are new to triathlon here is a “get in gear” picture album.


  • Pre race oatmeal or energy bites and Endurolytes.  I also drink a glass with chlorella drops!
  • Transition or swim queue banana and preworkout energizer snack
  • Dates, Mamma Chia squeeze and drink powder for the bike
  • Ignite Naturals gel for the run
  • Recovery accelerator and plant based protein for post race



  • Morning clothes to wear to transition
  • Towel for transition (some races don’t allow anything on the ground and only in transition bags)
  • Wetsuit
  • Body Glide & chamois cream (protect your soft tissues as I just heard someone say!)
  • Goggles (I bring clear and tinted and decide on what to wear depending on the cloud cover and sunrise)
  • Sunscreen (recommended to put on after you are body marked with your race number and age)
  • Swim cap that the race provides you (you can bring an extra or neoprene cap if the water temp is going to be too cold for you)
  • Timing chip (will get after registration)
  • Watch (I don’t always wear a chrono or GPS watch when I race as sometimes it can be more of a distraction and mentally taxing on me to watch the numbers, sometime I just go by feel)

Swim gear


  • Bike (my hubby loaned me his race wheels for this race, cat pictured won’t be coming to the race!)
  • Helmet (some people wear an aero helmet)
  • Bike shoes (my road shoes are more comfortable but for shorter races use tri shoes)
  • Water bottles
  • Bento box (or you can tape your nutrition to your bike frame)
  • Extra tubes (if you have race wheels make sure you have the right tubes with longer stems) and CO2 cartridges and dispenser
  • Sunglasses
  • Racing clothes (a team member borrowed me her HERevolution tri top while we wait for our new kits!)
    • Tri top
    • Sports bra (for the ladies!)
    • Tri shorts
    • Socks (these are optional for me for shorter races)
    • Back up warm clothing (learned my lesson from 30 degree Tahoe IM!): jacket, arm warmers, toe covers, gloves and ear cover headband
  • Biking gloves (I don’t wear these for shorter races)
  • Tire pump and chain lube
  • Race number I will get at registration to put on my bike frame and helmet

Bike gear


  • Shoes (you can add race laces for a quicker transition)
  • Race belt for your race bib (or if you change you can have it pinned on your run shirt)
  • Visor or cap (I’m wearing my GoTribal visor this race)

Run gear

Once you ensure you have all your racing gear, I like to put mine in one go-to bag so I don’t have to search for things.  I usually pack all my nutrition in a separate bag.  Now time to pack the car and head out to my first race of the season!

Complete race gear


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