Dear Motorist

Dear Motorist:

Thankfully the lead rider in our peleton of five ladies saved your life and her life today.

I was in fourth position when we were biking single file in the shoulder of Elfin Forest Road near Fortuna Del Este in bright colored clothes.  I thought to myself that you were buzzing us (way too close) but then all of the sudden you turned right in front of our peleton .  Luckily the lead rider of our group was able to react and crash into the side of the road to avoid hitting your tractor trailer and killing her.  If she wouldn’t have been able to react the way she did her life, her family, your life, your family and your employer (of the rig you were driving) would be forever changed.

This is not a game.  This is life.

This is not a game. This is life.

I try to be an optimist and was hopeful you just didn’t see us but when riders from our group followed your truck you waved them off.  This is not a game.  We are human beings.  There is no redo or new lives like in a game.  The couple seconds you could have taken to avoid a horrible fatal accident is worth your time.  Not just for the cyclist you are letting go by but for your life and those that care for you.  I am also a motorist and a cyclist and it is all our responsibilities to be more conscious and cautious on the road ways.  Driving is a privilege.

I wish you would have taken a moment today to realize your actions and apologize to the person you almost took their life from them.  She deserved that.  Be thankful for the quick actions she was able to take today to take the dirt instead of your tractor trailer.  Your life would have never been the same.


A cyclist, motorist, wife, daughter, sister, niece, aunt, cousin, granddaughter, friend



3 thoughts on “Dear Motorist

  1. For what company is this person a driver? This needs to be sent to their corp hq (along w/ approximate time and exact location) so they can track down the driver, and of course a complaint needs to be lodged on all their social media to bring awareness. I understand venting here, but a public display could hopefully bring more awareness and eventual change.

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