Earth Day 2014

Happy Earth Day!

It’s been 5.5 years since we decided to be a single car family and it is amazing how normal it feels only having one car.  My husband has also been diligent about bike commuting at least twice a week and Earth Day fell on his bike commuting day so he started the day off green!

My day has been green too as I likely won’t be using the car.  I started my day off with three 20 minute meditation sessions from the current meditation series I am doing.  Afterwards I went out for a run and did some weeding outside and picked some fresh strawberries!

Three years ago we built a home made composter with materials we had at home.  Based on having our house on the market we got rid of the composter and didn’t do a garden this year but hope to reinstate those two elements in the future after we settle back down into our next home.

homemade compost

One of my friend’s has a huge backyard with hundreds of rare fruit trees and other plans and waters his land with a grey water system.

Foth farm

Here’s some other things we do to try and contribute positively to the planet and benefit future generations:

  • Eat plant based diet
  • Use reusable or paper bags
  • Use environmentally friendly cleaning, laundry and personal care products
  • Hang dry clothes when possible
  • Reduce using paper towels and plastic bags and use more reusable lunch/snack bags and washable towels
  • Cook at home as much as possible and utilize the food we buy to avoid waste
  • Recycle product packaging
  • Goodwill items we can’t use in hopes it can be used by someone else instead of put in the landfill
  • Drive one fuel efficient car & motorcycle
  • Bike commute when possible
  • Use plant based cat litter and throw away in paper bags

I’ve enjoyed reading articles and posts today about great things happening in the world to make it a better place!

What do you do to be kind to the Earth?  Every little bit helps!  Happy Earth Day today and every day!




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