Power of Social Media

There are times when I know the amount of time I spend on social media can be excessive (my husband will agree) but then there are moments like yesterday where you can see the power of social media and how it can positively affect something like a natural disaster.

San Diego is always in a state of drought, every year we are at risk for brush fires.  The last two large fires that I recall were in 2003 and 2007.  Unfortunately some lives were lost and people lost their homes.  Yesterday, due to santa ana winds a brush fire, called Bernardo Fire, started so parts of the county were evacuated including a well known animal shelter.  When I heard the evacuations were happening I was near Rancho Coastal Humane Society where I volunteer so I stopped in to see if they were assisting with the evacuations.  They hadn’t been called on to do so at the time but I gave a staff member my number to call if volunteers were needed.  Not very long after I left she called me back letting me know animals were moved to a local Petco store and they were asking for volunteers.  I posted on Facebook and Twitter the need for volunteers and by the time I got to the Petco store to help the room where they were holding the dogs was filled with volunteers that had heard of the need in some fashion through social media.  Two of my HERevolution teammates are also animals lovers and one was even at a facial appointment when she heard help was needed she left in the middle of the appointment to help!

The dogs were well attended to and within an hour it was decided to move them to a more central location that had more overnight staff to take care of them so again the volunteers rallied and put the dogs in their cars and drove them to San Diego.  Hopefully the fire danger will be resolved today for their area and they will be able to go back to the shelter and get adopted, maybe even by some of the volunteers that became smitten with them!

Not only were our furry friends helped through social media but I also saw several people post on Facebook to those in need that their homes were open to them.  Instances like today make me smile and restore my faith in humanity that we all do want to do what is right and serve each other and our communities.  Great example of the power of social media and the power of people!

Thank you Rancho Coastal Humane society for initiating volunteer help, Helen Woodward for keeping the animals out of harms way and Petco for providing space and staff to keep the animals comfortable during a stressful time!






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