Locks of Love

I’ve had short hair on and off throughout my life.  Last year I decided that I was going to grow my hair long enough to donate to Locks of Love.

During the time I have been growing it to the required 10 inches, I’ve had my doubts if I wanted to go short again but as of late I acknowledged that I wear my hair back most of the time due to swim, bike and running activities and rarely style it and keep it down.  It made me happy to think of a little kid having more confidence by getting some of my hair and knew they would appreciate it more than I had been.

Since I’ve had this time to think about this upcoming change I visualized how I would look with short hair, just like I do visualization methods for training and racing so when I got it cut on Friday it just felt natural, like I’ve always had short hair.

I got the cut a couple days ahead of schedule so it was a surprise for my husband.  When he saw me he melted my heart by saying, “there’s the girl I fell in love with” as I had short hair when we got engaged in 1999.



I’m enjoying the fresh cut and happy I could contribute to such a great cause!



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