No Microwave – No Problem

I wrote earlier this week how we were settling into our first week in our new smaller place.  Now we are making our way through week two.  One thing our apartment does not have is a microwave or as we jokingly call it, a science oven (think we’ve heard that on a documentary or in a movie).  Since we are limited on counter space we haven’t bought one yet and have been going old school by warming up things on the stove or oven or boiling water in a tea kettle for oatmeal.

Since it is the start of summer and a great time to eat more fresh foods I decided to make a lot of raw meals and snacks this week.  When I first started my vegan journey I was raw vegan for 9 months and really loved it.  I’m enjoying going through all my “cook” books and making different recipes.  Enjoy the pictures and feel free to share your favorite raw recipe!


2 thoughts on “No Microwave – No Problem

  1. I swear that is you & Matt on the cover of that cookbook:)!! I had to enlarge it to be sure lol! *Idea for you😉…YUM!!!

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