Against the Grain

I thought my husband and I were so predictable to our friends and family.  I was surprised to hear that we have some people puzzled as to our recent life simplifying project.  It made me smile to hear a family member tell me other family members were asking what was going on with us.

I guess we are still keeping people on their toes with our “against the grain” ways for almost 14 years.  I would have thought getting married in a barn would have been a foreshadowing for some that we are low key and like the simple things in life.

ceremony 2

Outside wedding not hampered by overland flooding, let’s get married in the barn!

I don’t take offense to this questioning as I know we are in the minority (<1% club for veganism, Ironman and marathon finisher) on a lot of things we do.

  • Live on the West Coast away from family
  • Chose not to have kids
  • Don’t eat or buy animal products
  • Find joy out of endurance activities (and do so without eating meat!)
  • Bike camp with no showers
  • Camp before races
  • One car/one motorcycle family
  • Dehydrate, food process, juice and blend food stuff
  • After owning a house for 11 years downsize to a 900 sq ftish apartment by choice
  • Find enjoyment out of having less
  • Fill in the blank on whatever “weird” stuff we do:)

I remember wondering myself as a kid why my dad always drove old beaters when I believed he probably made good money.  It makes my heart smile knowing now he enjoyed a simply lifestyle too and I can only imagine he smiles down at Matt and I on how we live our life.

Be at ease for those that care about us that we are living life the exact way we want to live it.  As a lady stated in a tiny house documentary we were watching, “some might think this is rock bottom, for me this is a choice and exactly where I want to be.”

Brace yourself for the day we are storing the rest of our possessions, traveling and biking the US and being dirtbags out of adventure vehicle.  For us that will be when we’ve hit the jackpot of living!  Live the Life You Love, Love the Life You Live!


Our version of a perfect life!

Our version of a perfect life!


8 thoughts on “Against the Grain

  1. You are an inspiration and a kindred spirit… My ultimate dream is to live the RV Vegabond life! Count yourself blessed to have a life partner of 14 years who is so closely aligned – I know you do already do! I respect how you two have been able to grow individually together!!! I’m honored and blessed to call you friend!
    P.S. I count the fur-babies as kids, just sayin’! 🙂

    • Amy we could have a true caravan together!
      Interesting you say that about being blessed with an aligned partner. We were just talking about the tipping point in April 1999 when Matt almost deleted the message from me to meet him to hopefully reconcile. Crazy to think how different life would be if he would have hit the delete button!

  2. Its all about choices and what works for you…. I admire you and your choices and I admire and respect others for their very different choices. Don’t judge…appreciate and observe. Me- I’d die in an RV but love that others dont

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