Alaskan Motorcycle Adventure

A friend asked me being “the Veganxplorer” what my last adventure was.  Outside of Ironman Tahoe last year, my last big adventure was a six day self supported bike tour with my husband in Utah in 2012.  We plan to do a longer self supported bike tour through Adventure Cycling Association in 2015 to celebrate our 40th birthdays and 15 year wedding anniversary.

Matt & I in Zion

Matt & I in Zion

My husband, the other “Veganxplorer” in our house, is about to embark on a three week motorcycle trip with his dad from Boise, ID to Alaska and back!  I have to admit I wish I was going along (I have my motorcycle license but haven’t ridden since I got it years ago) but am so happy for him that he is able to take this time for a priceless trip with his dad.

Matt’s dad has already gotten 10,000 miles under his belt this year!  Matt on the other hand has a lot of pedal bike miles banked but he usually only drives his motorcycle about 1-2x per week so I am sure he will have to break in his rear for the big daily mileage they have planned!  Their schedule calls for average days in the 300s and up to over 500 miles in one day for up to approx. 6,500 miles for the total trip!  They have one rest day factored in at Matt’s sisters house in Soldotna, AK which is halfway into their trip!

I know he is looking forward to camping most of the trip and unbelievable site seeing.  He is concerned about what type of food he will find along the way as well as encountering bears.  I keep telling him I don’t think bears are attracted to athletic vegans:)  Here is a list of snacks he is taking with him to help supplement what vegan friendly food he finds along the route:

  • Vega Protein Smoothie
  • Vega Hydrator
  • Justin’s Nut Butter singles
  • Clif bars
  • Homemade muesli

I can’t wait to track them through the Spot tracker his dad has set up and hopefully get daily pictures or texts from Matt on their adventure!  Matt does a great job trip journaling so I will be eagerly looking forward to experience his adventure through his blog recap!


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